Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals for valve and pump applications suitable for the most common brand names. This catalogue lists Oz Con, Bel, Pardi, Baldi, Paro, Multi, Wave, WPS, seats and cartridge seals.


Oz Seals complete standard range of asbestos-free packings suit a wide variety of applications. They have proven extremely durable and economical, providing trouble-free sealing under harsh conditions.

Profiles & Materials

Comprehensive range of seal profiles and raw materials. Provides an almost complete guide of Oz Seals range seal profiles, polymers and elastomer products.


The o-ring is the most widely used sealing element for static duties. It is used universally in almost all technical fields. This handy guide provides a complete sizing chart for identifying the correct o-ring.

Quality Manual

Oz Seals places stringent importance on quality control, the guidelines for which are outlined in this manual.

Chemical Resistance

Refer to this chart for Prinz Polymers chemical resistance of the primary elastomers and super polyurethane used.